Printing on high quality inks on security paper

At Holomex, in addition to optical solutions, we also provide non-holographic secure printing solutions for all industries. We have the ability to incorporate, in all types of products, our latest security printing solutions that integrate with our other custom anti-counterfeiting products. Together with these, we offer a wide range of security inks for high-quality printing that makes us industry leaders.

Security Printing

Security printing capabilities that we offer include:

  • Fugitive inks.
  • Invisible inks.
  • Anti-copy tint.
  • Eurion ink.
  • Bifluorescent ink.
  • Infrared (IR) inks
  • Optically variable inks (OVI).
  • Magnetic Inks (MICR).
  • High relief intaglio printing sensitive to touch (INTAGLIO).
  • Printed positive and negative micro texts.
  • Guilloche security.
  • Reasons for coincidence.
  • Interlaced lines.
  • Duplex patterns.
  • Hidden Images (LTI).
  • Watermarked security paper.
  • Perishable encrypted information.
  • Visible and invisible fibers.
  • Reactive chemical paper.
  • Typographic numbering.

And many more.