Farmacia y Salud


Medicine is vital for the health of its consumers, as well as the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture it.More »


Today’s technology allows us to buy products with greater ease, however safety is always an important factor to ensure consumer health.More »


Holomex offers all kinds of labels and solutions for the beverage industry such as holographic films for bottled soft drinks, as well as shrink sleeves that can be adjusted for a range of container types.More »


Given the wide range of products on offer, we have to constantly search for better options to stand out from the competition.More »
Vinos y Licores

Wine and Spirits

Our finishing solutions for high-end beverages also include decorative films that add a special touch to attract end consumer.More »
Belleza y Cuidado Personal

Beauty and Personal Care

Piracy in cosmetics means the reproduction of products and refills in the original containers.More »

Banking and Finance

We create joint solutions with documents that contain security measures to eliminate the risk of counterfeiting and facilitate their authentication.More »


Since its first commercial use in the 80’s, our holographic technology has shown considerable potential over the years for adaptation and development in different markets.More »

Licensing and Brand Protection

Brands that license products net over $10 billion dollars in profits worldwide, which is why they are a very favorable target for the illicit activity of counterfeiters.More »


There is no end in sight for counterfeit electronic equipment. Companies lose hundreds of millions of dollars annually and experience countless technical glitches in their products.More »
Productos Químicos y Agricultura

Chemicals and Agriculture

Chemicals and agricultural products must comply with rigorous legal standards, which require security and authenticity for products.More »

Graphic Arts and Packaging

Given their high gloss and dynamic colors, holograms provide an eye-catching look and can serve as advertising tools in graphic arts and packaging.More »

Continuous Form Paper and High-Security Documents

Holomex works with several countries to implement projects that provide certainty in excise tax revenue. This then helps protect nations and their citizens from the repercussions of illicit trade.More »

Promotional Material and Marketing

Using a holographic label as a security seal does not detract from the appeal of your packaging. By using the right material, the label catches the consumer’s attention on the shelf. This ensures product originality and boosts consumer trust in the brand.More »

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