Custom 2D and 3D security holograms for your projects

We offer custom 2D and 3D holographic labels with security locks. We have more than 25 security padlocks and a wide variety of optical effects that are adapted to your needs, in addition to the destruction pattern of the material with which they are manufactured.

  • 2D Hologram (one level)
    This hologram is based on an image where all elements are on the same level.
  • 2D/3D Hologram
    This hologram allows you to view two or more different planes. Each of them is viewed with a different level of depth.
  • 3D Hologram
    This is a high-impact hologram that displays an image. You can see different view points of the 3D image depending on the angle of view. With adequate lighting, these holograms look spectacular!
  • Multichannel
    This kind of hologram contains two or more different images. You can view these images individually depending on the view angle.
  • Colorgram
    This is a hologram that faithfully reproduces the colors of the photo archive from which it originates.