At Hologramas de México S. de R.L. de C.V., we are global manufacturers and pioneers in the field of holographic security. Since 1984, we have been in the business of creating high-quality holograms to combat counterfeit products and documents. Our efficient processes allow us to guarantee minimum delivery times and offer extremely competitive rates.

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We create optical security solutions that protect the authenticity of all products, packaging and documents they are applied to.

Our Process

We handle all requests with professionalism both from a human and technological standpoint. This allows us to implement a quality process aimed at exceeding our customers’ expectations. During the process of implementing the project, our customers talk to our specialists who will guide them through each of the stages listed below:

  • Design: our technical and graphics experts will work together with you to transform your creative ideas into the best possible hologram for your product.
  • Holography: once a proposal is given the green light, your design will go through optical processing. This is where your idea becomes real. At this stage, our expert team will implement advanced techniques based on laser technology to record microscopic relief elements onto a photosensitive film. This allows us to obtain amazing 3-D motion effects with all those security features you asked for.
  • Embossing and additional processes: this is the hologram “printing” stage. This is where the mold is mounted on our machines for mass reproduction then apply adhesives, full color printing, QR codes, sequential numbers, overlaminates, etc.
  • Profiling: the hologram is slitted into individual rolls for automatic labeling applications or sheets for delivery based on your order.
  • Finished product: the product is inspected, packed and then moved to the final process for delivery to the customer.

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